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Meet Britt Daniels: Founder of Prophet Fitness D.C.

Meet Britt Daniels: Founder of Prophet Fitness D.C.

Britt Daniels, founder of Prophet Fitness in D.C., specializes in holistic fitness programs emphasizing the mind-body connection. His wellness journey began after experiencing transformative meditation and yoga in Japan, inspiring his focus on mindfulness, movement, and nutrition.

A Georgetown University graduate in African American Studies and Philosophy, Britt holds certifications in NASM PT, CPR/AED, and 200-Hour Yoga Alliance. He brings extensive experience to client-centric fitness programs, including personalized sessions, group classes, and corporate wellness initiatives.

His commitment extends beyond physical training to encompass mental and emotional well-being as core components of health. After overcoming personal health challenges and significant weight loss, Britt returned from Japan driven to make wellness accessible and engaging.

Under his leadership, Prophet Fitness offers tailored services to meet diverse fitness needs while nurturing a supportive community environment. Britt's holistic approach and advocacy for a balanced lifestyle have made him a notable figure in Washington, D.C.'s wellness & fitness arena, promoting physical vigor, mental clarity, and emotional resilience through thoughtful fitness solutions.

At Adose, we're intentional about partnering with healers and instructors who share our values. Britt has been a tremendous blessing to both us and the Adose community. Visit our eventbrite and check out some of Britt's recurring wellness events at Adose.