Do Weed and Yoga Make a Good Pair?

It’s no secret that cannabis has crossed over from being a stigmatized illegal drug to a wellness tool worth exploring for many people. Long gone are the days of the word “cannabis” only stirring up imagery of sleepy, hungry, giggling stoners. Nowadays, we know that weed can be used in a variety of ways to enhance our lives and improve our wellbeing. Today, we’ll answer an increasingly common question: Do weed and yoga make a good pair?

Yoga requires total mind and body focus

Yoga is both a mental and physical practice. It requires total focus to achieve positive results and make progress. You must be present with your mind and body throughout your practice, which can be a challenge with our busy lives. 

The rewards that a regular yoga practice can provide are well worth the hard work. There’s something grounding and special about understanding the connection between the mind and body. 

Cannabis and focus 

Many people are surprised to hear that cannabis can improve focus because they haven’t explored the plant much beyond its recreational use. If you’ve ever been really stoned, you may even have some first-hand experience of weed making it difficult to concentrate or get stuff done. 

But here’s the thing: Cannabis is incredibly versatile. It’s not just THC levels that affect our experiences with the plant, nor is it whether we choose hybrids, sativas, or indicas, although these factors do influence our experiences. 

Terpenes, CBD (and other cannabinoid) levels, and strain genetics all influence the way cannabis works with our bodies. Even more, the amount of cannabis used can change the experience. 

Cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, so it’s difficult to conduct definitive studies on the plant. Still, a 2008 case report found that cannabis improves symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Although we need more research before we can make definitive statements, the studies we have so far have been promising. 

We have way more anecdotal evidence that cannabis can improve focus. Many people find that microdosing cannabis (consuming very small amounts for the positive effects) helps them to stay focused and productive. Others find that getting high off of the right strains can help boost their productivity. Different things work for different people. 

Do cannabis and yoga make a good pair, then?

Try it yourself and see! It may take a bit of trial and error to find your sweet spot, but there’s a good chance cannabis may enhance your yoga practice if used correctly. 

Take Danielle Simone Brand, for example. She is a yoga teacher who penned the article “How I Use Cannabis to Boost My Yoga Practice” on According to her, she doesn’t need cannabis to feel the benefits of yoga, but it does enhance the benefits overall.

My experience of savoring deep yoga postures and bringing my attention more fully into the present moment with weed has outweighed the dogma I was taught; yoga and cannabis do make a superb combination, and I’m a fan,” says Brand. 

And then, of course, there is the Ganja Yoga brand. Ganja Yoga began offering public cannabis-enhanced yoga classes in 2009 and continues to offer services to this day. 

“Both [cannabis and yoga] are tools for relaxation,” said Dee Dussault, the founder of Ganja Yoga. “When you combine the two, it makes [both practices] more mindful and embodied.” 

Want to try cannabis and yoga for yourself?

We encourage trying new ways to elevate your wellness routine with cannabis. Considering the ways cannabis may enhance a yoga practice, why not try it yourself?

Start small. According to Dussault, “People have expressed concern about addiction, or less-than-mindful use,” for her practice. It’s why she recommends taking the minimum dose you need to feel effects

You can always adjust your dose and consume more cannabis if needed. It’s not as easy to come down from getting too high before starting your practice. 

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