Legal Weed in DC: A Guide to i71 

The world of legal weed in DC is complex and can be confusing to the uninitiated. If you’re wondering about DC weed legality, let us take you through the basics. 

It’s been about seven years since DC residents approved an initiative to legalize the growth and possession of small amounts of marijuana. Still, the confusing laws have many wondering basic questions, like, “is weed legal in DC?” Let’s take a closer look.

All about DC Initiative 71 

In 2014, DC voters approved Initiative 71, essentially legalizing personal possession of small amounts of marijuana. It also legalized the cultivation of up to six personal plants. Notice how there is no mention of sales? That’s where the fuzzy legal status of weed in DC comes in. If you’re looking for weed in , you’ll soon realize you can’t just head to a dispensary to get your cannabis. In fact, there are no dispensaries in DC because the sale of cannabis itself is illegal. 

The general theme of i71 is home grow, home use. There is no room for sales under the initiative. If you want to get your hands on DC cannabis, you will need to be gifted it by someone who already possesses some. 

So how do DC cannabis companies operate under this confusing legislation? Let us fill you in. 

The gift that keeps on giving 

There are plenty of companies offering DC edibles, cannabis flower, and other products for legal recreational use. These DC cannabis companies are fully compliant and operating legally under i71 using a careful set of procedures.

Remember, Initiative 71 allows residents to possess and grow small amounts of cannabis. It does not allow any transfer of money or goods and services in exchange for marijuana. 

Realistically, every  smoker in DC is not going to grow their own cannabis for personal use. With this in mind, clever business minds figured out a way to answer the many people asking where to get weed in DC: with gifting services. 

Whether you’re looking for weed delivery in DC or just curious about the process in general, we’ve got the scoop. In accordance with i71, people looking for weed in DC can find a reputable, compliant business that will give them the gift of cannabis, no strings attached.

There is no exchange of services or goods. Customers simply buy an unrelated item from a local cannabis company and are treated to a “gift” of marijuana after their unrelated purchase is complete. After all, Initiative 71 allows for the gifting of cannabis, so long as there are no direct exchanges for the product. 

Consumers may also choose to donate to wellness cooperatives. These organizations tend to offer cannabis gifts to their generous donors. 

It can be a little intimidating finding out where to find weed in DC. You don’t want to go through a weed delivery service that is not compliant with i71, as this puts both you and the vendor at risk. 

Adosewellness can help 

Fully compliant and legal, Adosewellness offers the best weed delivery DC has ever experienced. 

Our wellness-focused team puts the customer first with a variety of premium cannabis products for every need. Whether you’re looking for edibles in DC, pre-rolls, concentrates, or other products, we’ve got you covered. 


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