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Adose Wellness October Recap

A man and woman standing in front of a brick wall.

Yoga and Sound Bath with Nadiya - October 1, 2023

We were thrilled to kick off October with a rejuvenating Yoga and Sound Bath event led by the wonderful Nadiya. The session began with a gentle yoga class, warming up our bodies and preparing our minds for the sound bath to follow. Nadiya's expertise and calming demeanor guided us through a series of yoga poses, promoting flexibility, strength, and peace of mind.

Following the yoga practice, we settled into the sound bath experience. Nadiya used an array of instruments, including Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, to generate a variety of healing vibrations. The room filled with resonating sounds, creating an aura of tranquility and restfulness. Participants reported feelings of relaxation and a heightened sense of wellness at the conclusion of the event.

2-hour Energy Release and Relaxation with Holistic Dante - October 15, 2023

Mid-October brought us an invigorating 2-hour session of Energy Release and Relaxation with our beloved Holistic Dante. The event began with a dynamic energy release exercise, where participants were led through guided breathing strategies and targeted movements to let go of stagnant energy.

Following the energy release, Dante seamlessly transitioned the group into a relaxation phase. His holistic approach to wellness, combining elements of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, helped participants achieve a state of deep relaxation. The session left us feeling rejuvenated, grounded, and better connected to our bodies.

These events were just a glimpse into the transformative experiences we offer at Adose Wellness. We look forward to continued exploration of wellness together through our future events. Stay tuned and follow our eventbrite for more details! 

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